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In today's business environment, many businesses invest thousands into location décor, advertising and initial employee training. But what are the benefits of these expenditures if your customers ends up frustrated from their interaction with your employees?

Providing great service encompasses so much more than a smile and a greeting. Lack of efficient business processes that lead to long lines and long telephone hold periods will frustrate your customers along with any poor service they receive.

Secure your business by determining what happens when your employee and your customer meet. Our mystery shopping strategies and program solutions will provide your business with lasting benefits designed to keep those customers coming.

ACPVIEW has programs to help increase the bottom line. Our program offerings are designed to get results. ACPVIEW has a program waiting just for you! We are committed to helping your business become successful.

Our service offerings

  • Mystery ADA Shopper

    (Evaluation of services for people with disabilities)

  • Mystery Caller

    (Evaluate call centers, appointment setting and more)

  • Mystery Customer

    (Evaluation of service and non-retail businesses)

  • Mystery Rider

    (Evaluate transit, taxi and ground transportation services.)
    Visit www.mystery-rider.com.

  • Mystery Shopper

    (Retail and restaurant evaluations)


It is great that you have decided to conduct mystery shops but you are probably receiving data that requires you to do some type of employee follow-up or training. It is important to us that we provide you with a total package to meet all of your service needs. This is where our customer service training comes in. ACPVIEW trainers will provide training and consulting services by customize a training program just for you based on your concerns and/or based on mystery shopping reports.

Mystery shops can be done before training to determine training needs or after training to determine training effectiveness and any future training needs or follow-up. Combining training with our mystery shopping reports, truly maximizes your mystery shopping program.

What We Provide

No cookie cutter program. Our programs are customized to each customer's need.

Robust reporting through our proprietary web based report system so that you can determine what you do well as well as areas that need improvement.

Our years of expertise in working with a variety of industries insures that vital information is captured.

"ACPVIEW has been very helpful when making suggestions that would help us get the most out of the program. ACPVIEW made suggestions which we used on what information we should be capturing. Their expertise, responsiveness and suggestions made the program very effective and we are capturing the information that we need. The quality of the reporting is excellent. We highly recommend using their services."

Transit Customer
Service Mgr.


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